You’ll continue to see changes to the blog as I occasionally come back to it to make adjustments.

To explain how the ads work, they’re automatically selected by Google AdSense partly based on the site they’re coming from and partly based on your personal browsing habits.

I occasionally take a look at the ads displayed to me. So far, most of them are business-related (good) but none have had anything to do with LIMS, ELN, laboratory equipment or anything related to our industry (bad). I’m taking a look into whether I can have any greater influence over this with the keywords I use. If not, I’ll revert to my initial idea of allowing companies to buy individual ads directly from me. But, as before, I’m in the implementation business not the advertising business so I don’t plan to do anything that would require a lot of my time to manage ads.

Blog Signup
I’ve added a feature that asks people to signup for the newsletter and asks anyone coming to the site who is not coming from a distributed link (I mean to say that, if the blog sends you a note about a new post, when you click that, you shouldn’t see a signup request).

I’m going to try this for a bit and see how it goes. Warning: There’s no “X” to close the signup request box – just click anywhere in the screen aside from it.

Concentrating on Strong Topics
Since I’m currently not writing magazine articles, I’ve convinced myself I should focus on working on more of the “meaty” types of blog posts. After all, if I’m not writing those types of things for magazines, and usually much longer for a magazine, I’ve convinced myself I should easily be able to do more of that in here than I had been.

Even with that said, I was surprised how well-received the last blog post was Three Lessons to Learn Regarding Computer Savvy (or Not) Users. Part of it is timing and possibly readers truly missed this blog while it was in semi-hibernation but, even considering all that, the numbers on that post really blew me away.

But not as much as the numbers on this blog post, for some reason GeoMetrick Enterprises Wins Global Health & Parma Award, Again! Whether it’s just that readers were glad for something different to read, like to read something “happy” for a change, or some other factor, this particular post had some extreme numbers on it. I can’t control this type of post, though. Aside from giving myself some phony award on a regular basis, that is, and I’m sure you’d all get tired of it.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

2 Thoughts to “Yet More Changes to the Blog”

  1. If you do plan to dump google ads for your own ads, I recommend this wordpress plugin for that:

    It is easy to manage and frankly, I think ads that are complimentary to your site are better than the silly ones that google dishes out. Give it some time though and see just how much or how little you actually get from google. You may come to the same conclusion that I did, that google is the only beneficiary of your site when it comes to ads so dropping google in favor of your own ads will make more financial sense.

    1. Gloria Metrick

      I’m currently using Advanced Ads but not to its full potential – just as a way to quickly get something working. But I’ve even considered putting up my own ads as an option. I just haven’t gotten to the point of creating them.

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