A Lack of Involvement With LabWare, The Company

For some reason, there are people and companies in this world who think that my company, GeoMetrick Enterprises, has some kind of relationship with the company LabWare. This is not true. I work with the LabWare software not the LabWare company.

Years ago, when LabWare was tiny, my company did get a few extremely small subcontracts from LabWare before they built their consultant network but I’ve never been what is called a “LabWare Consultant.”

Granted, it wasn’t from a lack of trying. LabWare talked quite a lot about how much business they had, how great they’d be to work with and etc… However, they never seemed to have an interest in subcontracting to me and I moved along.

Thus, when I talk about how my company has worked with the LabWare products since 1996, I don’t mean that I have any special relationship with the company – I just mean that I’ve been getting customers who need work done with those products. I’ve built up my expertise and maintained it entirely based on the fact that customers need someone reliable who knows how to implement (e.g., scheduling, estimating, proper programming habits).

What This Means for Other Software Vendors
I try to keep a pleasant relationship with any software vendor whose product I’m working with. In most cases, that’s all it is. Many of the industry’s software vendors don’t see the benefit of having more formal relationships with tiny services vendors such as GeoMetrick Enterprises and that’s obviously up to them. I also have some strong relationships with software vendors whose product I’ve never used and probably never will but where we’ve found an interest in sharing industry news, thoughts on where the market is going, and other general networking.

What This Means for Customers
If you have a LabWare LIMS or ELN and you want to know anything from me regarding skills or availability, just call me or e-mail me. I’m always willing to speak about your projects. However, there’s no point in calling LabWare to ask if I’m busy or skilled in one area or another because they don’t know my schedule or skills. No answer they could give you would be helpful. So, don’t mistake my company’s working with their product for being one of their partner companies.

What Else Can I Do
This issue keeps popping-up – where people (both other software vendors and customers) think I have some kind of special relationship with LabWare. If there is anything else I can do to allay that fear, I would like to know what it is. Well, besides giving up on working with their product. I have to make a living just like everyone reading this blog does. I’m an expert on that system and, as long as I’ve got opportunities to work on that or any other system out there, I need to take them and remain working, just like everyone else does.

The bottom line is that services companies like mine work hard to market our services and we take the opportunities we get as they come along, for the most part.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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