In my last post, I mentioned LabWare’s name and I noticed some things about the types of posts people were reading that leads me to make some statements about the current state of that product.

Statement #1: Looking for Resources
Quite a number of readers wanted to read about what to do in the case of a shortage of resources and how to find resources. So many of that type of post and so many readers reading those posts lead me to think that there are still people looking for LabWare resources, even this late in the season.

While I would not say there’s a shortage of people, I would say it might still be a somewhat competitive time to be looking for people and somewhat challenging to get connected with the right resources. As usual, just plan ahead and keep in-mind the search might take longer and things should work out.

Statement #2: Upgrades and Technical Work
From reading some of the other posts that readers were interested in, it seems like there are a lot of customers interested in upgrades or other technical work. Maybe that’s why they’re so keen to find people.

Since I did mention LabWare’s name, it does stand to reason that the people who clicked on the link might generally be predisposed to wanting to read more about LabWare-related issues. So, some amount of traffic increases in “all things LabWare” can be discounted by the fact that some of the readers would, while they’re here, start looking at lots of posts that are about LabWare. But I would say that I think that accounts for just a portion of the trend I saw.

Finally – Take Action
If you’re one of the customers looking for technical resources, either on the LIMS or the ELN, and you’d like information on what GeoMetrick Enterprises can do for you, just fill out this form and I’ll get back to you within one business day.

LabWare Services
Get LabWare LIMS / ELN services information from GeoMetrick Enterprises.

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