This month, GeoMetrick Enterprises turns 23 years old.

GeoMetrick Enterprises

In the past two days, I’ve suddenly received huge numbers of messages and I realized that LinkedIn has reminded everyone of my work anniversary. It’s a bit of a surprise mainly because the actual anniversary date is March 4th. So, at this point in the month, while I still think about the anniversary, it’s not as prevalent in my mind.

In any case, I appreciate everyone who took the time to congratulate me and to otherwise take note of this. It’s strange to think back to the days when I started my business and to think of all the things I’ve done since then, not just all the customers I’ve had, but every other opportunity it’s brought my way.

It’s even stranger to think how young I was when I started this. Many people end their career with consulting, but I started mine with consulting and started my business not terribly long out of college, relatively-speaking. I strongly believed I could offer a better consulting product to customers than my competitors and I also needed a job, so it wasn’t a difficult decision because, like most other people, I like to pay the rent or mortgage, keep food on the table, and all those crazy luxuries. 😉

Happy Pi Day!

And while we’re here, it’s an important day to me because I just love pi (and pie!) so let me wish all of you a Happy Pi Day and to hope you all also get some pie! 🙂

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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