This blog is getting ready to move.


For years, we have kept this blog separate from the company web-site. The idea was to keep the entire trademark bundled together and separate, with the blog being one piece of that bundle. By doing that, we felt we could more easily sell it if we wanted to divest of it.

As the years have passed, it just doesn’t seem that likely that we will sell the blog. After all, the real value, here, is whether something is worth more money in the marketplace than it is, internally. So far, it seems it is worth more internally.

With that, we are merging the blog into the company web-site. The initial goal is to make this happen within two weeks (hopefully sooner). But, as we all know, chargeable work comes first. If chargeable work ramps-up, this takes a back seat, for the time being. At this point, though, this timeline of NMT (Not More Than) two weeks appears practical.

The Blog’s Domain

GeoMetrick Enterprises will retain ownership of the domain just in case the trademark and it’s assets (i.e., the blog) would some day be sold. After all, it doesn’t cost that much to retain a domain so it seems practical to keep it, for now.

Other Details

The blog will undergo some amount of cleanup. Some posts are outdated and provide no current value. For example, old posts about SmartLabs conferences are no longer relevant. Those will all be removed unless there is something particularly illuminating about them.

The permalinks (the links we use to get to the posts) will change. Not only will they change domains, from to, but the rest of the name format will change. We will remove the dates will be from the web links, for one.

I, for one, hate and despise when I go to a blog and I can’t tell how old the posts are in order to determine how active the blog is. As such, I plan to keep the date posted as part of the displayed information. It’s part of the post information in the database, so it’s available. I just want to remove it from the actual link to make the links shorter. So, you will still be able to see the date published so that you can see that the blog is active.

Blog Sign-Up

For those of you who have signed-up for the blog, already, you should not have to sign back up. We will move your subscription information over with the blog.

In addition, you should very few changes. They will mainly be cosmetic changes. For example, even though the blog will now be embedded into the web-site, when you get a new blog post, you should be taken straight to that post. You will not be required to read through all the marketing yakking about what a great company we are (unless you want to).

Once more, the intent here is to make maintenance simpler on our end and any non-cosmetic changes are either mistakes on our part or they were improvements we thought we were making to make this better for the reader (and readers are free to tell us if that’s not the case). In some cases, our improvements might seem like big mistakes, but hopefully not. 😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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