It’s about one week into the two week deadline I gave myself for getting this blog moved and it’s just a lot of work. Some things are taking a lot longer than planned, others going faster than expected. It’s the way of most projects.

Some Changes

I’m redoing the categories and cleaning up the posts. After all, there are a number of posts around that comment on conferences and events that are long past. I don’t think I need to keep these. As an example, this particular post won’t make it to the new area.

I also decided to get rid of posts that are too far off-topic. In the past, I used to write occasionally about networking. I wanted to encourage readers to get out there and meet each other as a way to build a network of resources you could go to to talk to when you need help. I’m probably not going to write about that, anymore. At this point, anyone who hasn’t been inspired to find more places to network probably isn’t going to be convinced.

I also don’t think I plan to keep posts I made where I encouraged people to write. Any of you who are motivated to write for any of the industry periodicals will still probably be interested without my urging. For all the people who say that they have found my posts inspiring-enough to cause them to start their own writing efforts, it’s the fact that I actually regularly get things on the page that seems to be inspirational, not the fact that I’ve tried to be encouraging about it.

Your Favorite Post, If You Have One

If you have a favorite post, by all means, save it, print it or whatever strikes your fancy. But the other thing I’m working on is to consolidate posts and re-categorize them. So, if you have a favorite and you think you want to hold onto the ideas in it, this is just a notice that the title and contents might change when the new blog area goes live.

I will also mention that I just have too many posts to redirect each one, individually. Whether I redirect any of the specific posts or not probably depends on how worthwhile it seems. Overall, though, I’m currently leaning toward nothing but general redirection. It would merely bring you to the new blog area if you stumble into the old one.

Gloria Metrick
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