The latest formula is to begin a new job or contract with remote LIMS work until the virus restrictions end. All bets are off on what happens, next.

The Model

There is this new magic concept where you create some opportunity that begins with remote LIMS work (or ELN, LIS, LES). It works like this:

  • If it’s a permanent job, the new employee will start by working remotely. Then, soon after, they’ll start by working on-site at their new job. Whether that requires moving the person from one area to another in-between or not depends on the job and the person.
  • If it’s a contract job, it’s for six months. The person starts by working remotely. Then, a miracle occurs and they might have to move to the area, might have to travel to the area – it’s not determined. But, it doesn’t seem to matter. Apparently, if you’re a warm body and able to start, remotely, the rest will work itself out?

Since I do (rarely) take on subcontracts, I do speak with recruiters about contract jobs. And, seriously, I’ve had more of them call with no idea what happens once the remote part is done that I’ve lost count.

Six Months Until What? Maybe Never?

It’s not just going to work out. You have to have an agreement on how it will be handled.

One recruiter seemed to suggest that the virus could actually go on for six months so why worry about it. And, to that, I just insisted that I wasn’t interested in taking something on and pretending I might do whatever the customer wanted, when I didn’t know what that would be and wasn’t going to pretend I was all that flexible about it.

Note to The Consultants

When you insist you aren’t interested in something because of the travel or the location, there will be the occasional recruiter who will try to push you into it by telling you that the customer could change their mind once you get on-site for a bit. They’ll insist it’s happened.

It has happened but it’s rare.

Here’s my rule of thumb – whatever deal you make for yourself, plan that the entire project will be under that deal. I don’t mean you can never ask for changes. However, when you take it, plan that that is what you’re likely to have to stick with for the entirely of the project.

Note to the Customers

In times like these, when you get someone that is supposed to start, remotely, then might travel or come on-site or whatever the plan is, you don’t really know that that’s what the consultant is agreeing to. So, directly ask them at your first opportunity.

If it turns out that the person was misrepresented, at least you know. At least you can decide what you want to do. It’s better than being surprised, at a later time.

And, if you get some wacky situations, that’s what you get for not calling GeoMetrick Enterprises, directly, to provide all your services. We, of course, are the experts. That’s especially true for remote LIMS work.