IT folks read sports poems. It’s just what it sounds like. Read more to learn the details of this effort. You might even be interested in participating.

Keeping Up With the Times

Living in our current times presents us with various challenges. In many cases, we’re not actually required to give things up as much as adjust our ways of enjoying them.


As some of us have noticed, the sports seasons have mainly been canceled. There are now ongoing discussions regarding the feasibility of planning for upcoming seasons.

I do still see families playing various sports in their back yards. They haven’t given up sports. Not all of us have family members or yards to play sports in. But we don’t have to give up on sports, either.

Changing the “Game”

Just because we can’t watch new games on TV or attend them, it doesn’t mean sports are gone for us.

I know I have plenty of fond sports-related memories to recall. In addition, I’m convinced some day in the future that I’ll have even more.

Meanwhile, I wondered what else we can do besides just remember our favorite favorite sports stories and memories.

Sports Poetry

Then, it came to me. We can give tribute to our favorite sports by reading sports poems. These poems bring back the thrill of the game, remind us of favorite sports moments, and bring back all the great memories we might have.

Details and How to Participate in “IT Folks Read Sports Poems”

Start by just listening to these “IT Folks Read Sports Poems” podcasts and thinking about your own favorite sports and teams. Share favorite sports stories as a response to the posts. Forward the posts to other fans who enjoy that sport.

Or, for all you sports-loving IT folks out there, join us in the effort to spread sports poetry and memories. Here’s all it takes:

  1. Get a sports poem. It can be about a specific sport or sports, in general.
  2. Record yourself reading it.
  3. Post it with the hashtag #ITFolksReadSportsPoems #sports #poetry and possibly a hashtag with your name and a hashtag for the name of the poem.

Choices for Step 1:

  • Write your own poem.
  • Find a public domain poem. It will usually include a statement at the bottom that says something like “This poem is in the public domain.” That means it’s no longer under copyright.
  • Find a poem that you can get permission to read in a podcast. This usually involved writing to the author or publisher for permission.

Choices for Step 3:

  • Post it, yourself.
  • If you don’t have a way to post it and need help, contact me. I might be willing to host your recording and post for you if you don’t have ways to do that. If you need my help, contact me, first.

IT Folks Read Sports Poems – Poem # 1

Right after I make this blog post, I’m going to post my poem, first. It will be in LinkedIn, which is where any post I make of these will take place.

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