The MOMi Guides are being delivered but with both good and bad news. The good news – MES is available, today. The bad news – LIMS is not.


You read that, correctly. If you want to buy the MES Guide from MOMi (Manufacturing Operations Management Institute), you can rush right over to your computer and buy it. Oh, wait, you’re already here. Well, you can just pop into their MES Guide link, here, and buy it, right now. After all, why procrastinate?

But some of you are thinking, “Hey, what’s the rush? It’s not like it’s something really exciting like a LIMS Guide.” Well, maybe it’s not quite as exciting as the LIMS Guide, but I’m convinced it has plenty of good MES information in there. It has 43 MES vendors from across the world, for starters.

Where is the LIMS Guide?!?!?!

That sad wail you hear is me upon hearing this news.

In any case, here’s what happened – a number of the LIMS vendors seem to be in an end of year crunch and not able to finish their responses to the MOMi Questionnaire. If you saw my previous posts on this, imagine those types of questions but a whole lot more of them. You’ll realize it’s a big job to respond to this, as it is to process it all.

As such, the MOMi LIMS Guide might not be published for another couple of months. Here are the first two posts of examples of what would be in there, when it is published:

Meanwhile, Buy the MOMi Guide for MES

The timing on the MOMi Guide for MES is just perfect because it gives you time to buy multiple copies to give out as Christmas gifts to your cohorts in the industry. If your own company is listed, make sure you buy a copy for your mother. Whether she knows what “MES” stands for, she’ll still be proud to see your efforts recognized in this guide. If you don’t happen to celebrate Christmas, it could be a terrific gift for any occasion. For that hard-to-buy-for person-who-has-everything, I’ll bet they don’t already have this! 🙂