This MOMi Guide Technology post will give yet another example of the manner with which information is requested to create the guides.

MOMi Guide for LIMS

I have already written several posts regarding the MOMi Guide, with the last post announcing the arrival of the MOMi Guide for MES and the new schedule for the MOMi Guide for LIMS. This will be the final installment of my blog posts regarding the MOMi Guides.

Here are the previous posts, in case you would like to (re)read them. Two of the posts give general ideas regarding what the guides accomplish. They also illustrate the method of gathering and reporting information. The third post announces the arrival of the MOMi Guide MES, of course:

One Final Example – Technology

Here is one last example of the type of information that MOMi requests from software vendors. Here, we see examples of the types of technology that customers might be interested in. In this first screen shot, you can see the form that software vendors fill out. This form asks technology questions regarding more standard items, such as operating systems and databases:

MOMi Technology Aspects

In this next screen shot, you can see the final report section regarding what the above form shows us as entries. Of course, the responding software vendor’s identifying information is hidden. However, in a final report, you would realize that that information is combined with the technology information they filled-out. In this example, you can see that the information above is then shown in this report about the vendor’s software.

MOMi Solution Information


As a reminder, the MOMi Guide for LIMS software will be delivered to us around January of 2021. This blog will not announce its arrival. Instead, remember to watch the MOMi web-site for upcoming information.

As another reminder, MOMi will be adding more software guides for next year and the year after. They will eventually represent six total software categories.