The Out on a LIMS® Blog is still going to move and this web-site will be shut down. As with many IT projects, this one is also being delayed.


iVention US has offered to take on the “Out on a LIMS®” blog to archive it. Initially, we talked about making this move mid-month, this month, December 2020. However, as with many software vendors, they have a number of end-of-year projects that need to be finished before everyone leaves for vacation. As such, when they asked if we could postpone the move, I agreed to it. There’s no rush.

In the meantime, I will leave the GeoMetrick Enterprises web-site running in order to allow people to read this blog. It does say that we’re not taking new customers so I hope it’s clear that we’ve moved on.

Meanwhile, best wishes for a great holiday season to all!