The Out on a LIMS® blog is now back here on its original web-site at https:\\\.

If you want to read the Out on a LIMS® blog, it will remain in its archival form here at its original web-site.

In other news, by the end of January 2021, iVention US will be hosting the blog in its archival form. The web-site will remain as https:\\\ but you will see the domain owners change, if you are interested in that type of thing.

Thank You!

As before, thank you to all of you who read my writings, over the years, and who helped contribute to them. Someone told me that archiving these posts will mean that my knowledge isn’t lost. It isn’t lost, anyway. I’m not dead. I’m working on more projects. I’m just not writing these posts, any longer. If you want my expertise, you’ll have to come apply for open jobs with my current employer.

Also, we all owe our thanks to iVention US who has graciously agreed to take over hosting this blog archival. I appreciate it and I’ve also heard from a number of readers who do, as well. So, to iVention US, once again, a big Thank You!

As For Me

As for me, I keep working on projects, doing my work and pushing tasks forward. Working with a new system has been interesting and with a new community of people, adding to the interest-level.

After all, learning new systems, LIMS or otherwise – it’s just what I do for a living. Working with new people is the challenge and that’s what project work is all about.

For anyone who thinks LIMS, MES, ERP or any other system is just about getting the data in and basically getting it all to work, that’s just not true. Get past that and you’ll find your systems are better built, more maintainable, and better able to handle what the users need it to do.

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