In the last couple days, I mentioned that I’m willing to give a free presentation. It’s a presentation from a conference that costs several thousand dollars to attend. After reading what I’d posted, a customer of mine asked why I’m doing this. “After all,” he asked, “with all the conferences you present at, don’t you get plenty of feedback forms with the information you need?”

The answer to that is, “No.” In early 2009, for example, I went to quite a few conferences and presented. Except for a few casual comments from people, I did not end up with any feedback. Big conferences are great at handing out the forms and having people fill them out. I can tell you that they’re not good at giving them to the presenters, such as me.

I’m Frustrated

As such, for all the conferences I presented at early this year, I have no formal feedback at all and am frustrated. Thus, I’m desperate for some independent feedback from the type of people that I’ll be presenting to. As I previously mentioned, people like me attend these conferences both to share our knowledge but also to get business. And, since times are tough, I’m extra-motivated to make sure my presentation is top-notch as I want to make sure that anyone who is looking for a consultant will think highly of me and consider doing business with me based on that presentation.

I’m Desperate

As such, I’m willing to truck myself around to your site to get your feedback. You get expert advice and I get feedback. It’s a win-win situation.

I’m Willing to Drive Up To An Hour

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