I’ve been recently writing posts on how to get through the crunch for SampleManager resources but these tips I’m now giving in this post can work for any specialty product. Additionally, they work better if you do them all the time, not just when you’re truly desperate.

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Here are the three tips:

  1. Contact the people you know. If there are any other customers you have been in-contact with that are using the same software, contact them for help. The people you know are the most likely to take the time to help you, so always start with them. Ask if they’ve used consultants on their software. If they have, ask if they’d recommend the person and ask at least a few questions about the type of work and quality of the person’s work.
  2. Contact the people you have met. For any user group meeting, course, workshop, conference, discussion group or meeting you’ve participated in during the past few years, dig out all those business cards you collected and start contacting people. Obviously, you want to try to contact those people that you think are using the same software that you need a person for. But, if you run through those, start asking others you’ve met if they know anyone that might know anyone. Also, when you contact them, remember to tell them where you met them or know each other from. That sometimes jobs their memory and people are more likely to help you if they remember you.
  3. Be creative in your search and questions. When you talk to people, besides asking the obvious question regarding whether they know someone to suggest, ask if they have any other ideas on how to find people that they are willing to share. And, if you have any, be willing to share your ideas. In some areas, customers meet the most people in their industry to build these alliances by going to user group meetings. Some customers keep working to create lists of consultants that do the type of work they might want done in the future. Others will point you toward discussion groups where many people using that product will be present. There are all types of places to meet yet more people who could help you, but it will vary by software product.

Of course, if you’re creating a list or looking for people, as usual, I’ll urge you to add my company to your list. Here’s the GeoMetrick Enterprises contact information:

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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