In my September newsletter article, I wrote, yet again, about the issue of resource shortages:
Plus, I had written about the issue in these previous blog postings:
I wanted to write yet more about why resources are unavailable to projects  even when they actually are available, since so many people are already planning their 2014 resourcing in these past few months.

Shortages Aren’t Usually Industry-Wide
I have actually said this before in other ways, but keep in-mind that every available resource is not available to every project that needs a resource of that type. Shortages aren’t shortages for our entire industry, but for specific areas.

Thus, if you cannot find a person to do something specific, such as LabWare LIMS 6 or SampleManager 10 (or, soon, SM 11) implementation, you might find that some people do not agree that there is any shortage, at all. It could very well be that there is a person with that exact experience who is available at the exact time your project needs that person, yet, because they  are not quite in the area that could service your project, they are actually not available to you.

An Example
Since I have my own customers, large projects with their own preferred vendors might have openings at times when I could fit a new customer into my schedule. But since I am not on those preferred vendor lists, those spots might remain unfilled even at times when I have openings in my schedule. In the end, a shortage is painful to whomever has the shortage but it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily having any impact on any of the rest of us. Thus, when you go out into the industry frantically talking about these shortages, if you get the impression no-one else has that same sense of panic, it probably means they are not in that same situation and that the situation you are in is not one that is industry-wide.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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